Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Wrap Up

Admittedly I've been a pretty crappy blogger over the past few months. (And by pretty crappy I mean virtually nonexistent, totally checked out blogger.) So you can rest assured I'm adding getting back into the blogging groove to my list of things to do in 2014. To recap you on all the things I didn't blog about I thought an ever so timely "Year in Review" post would be beneficial.

1. One of my biggest changes from last year was that we started fostering dogs. We were able to help give a temporary home to 13 different dogs throughout the year, dogs who were all going to otherwise be euthanized. 11 of those dogs have been adopted into their new families, one is currently at the shelter getting special training, and the 13th is laying in bed next to me right now. Here's a little video I made (totally copying off Carolyn's fancy Year in Review flipagram idea) to show off my doggies.


2. We got a snowstorm to end all snowstorms! (Not really.) It was the most snow that I think I have ever seen fall in that short of a time. So much snow that I blogged about it...twice! Now all you Minnesotans can laugh all you want at my reaction to 9.5 inches of snow but it was impressive for this midwestern. In fact this snowstorm lead to all of my wildest student dreams being fulfilled. School was not only cancelled but so were the tests we were planning to take and some of the requirements we were expected to finish! Plus Steven's work even cancelled so we were snowed in together test and work free! It was definitely a good work.

3. Pope Benedict abdicated the throne and Pope Francis was elected and hell froze over. Pope Francis changed all the teachings of the Catholic church, told Pope Benedict to sit back and watch how real poping is done, and even voted for Obama. Wait. None of that happened? Nor is it even possible? Well the media sure the shit led me astray.

Jason Bach FTW

4. I figured out this Spring what I want to do with my life.  I was certain that I wanted to provide primary care but I wasn't for sure how I wanted to do that exactly. Well this May I got to deliver my first baby and everything just clicked after that. I decided on Family Medicine as my specialty while still doing uncomplicated obstetrics. I hit the ground running applying to residencies in August and have been even busier the last couple of months actually interviewing at these places. We'll find out in March where exactly we'll be next year!

5. Unfortunately medical school can't be all cancelled tests and being wined and dined by residency interviews. This summer was a special kind of hell that consisted of not one 8 hour exam but TWO! One of which is only offered in 4 cities throughout the US. Making already expensive exams even more expensive. Fortunately I passed with flying colors and am test free until the end of my first year of residency!
I at least got some good Chicago
pizza out of the trip.

6. Getting pregnant has to be the #1 highlight of my year. By the grace of God we were in the right hands at the right time and have our daughter as a result. Not only were we unbelievably blessed to just get pregnant but I have been the luckiest pregnant woman in the world with my relatively symptom free pregnancy. I've recently started feeling her move around and on Christmas Eve Steven was able to feel her too! We are anxiously awaiting our little Easter addition. :)
Man that looks uncomfortable.

7. We also had some heartache this year. My best friend and I found out were we pregnant around the same time and had due dates exactly one month apart. God had different plans though and she ended up losing her in November. Loving and losing her daughter was one of the most difficult things I've ever endured. Little Anna Marie's life wasn't long but she had such an impact in that short amount of time and was certainly loved beyond measure.

Well that's is my 2013 in a nutshell, hope that you all have a wonderful year and have an even better 2014!


  1. Katie, thank you so much for mentioning Anna Marie! It brings happy tears to my eyes to know that she made an impact on people. She changed my life. I miss her but I know she is watching over us and especially your little baby girl who I am certain would have been her best friend :)

  2. Oh wow that does look like an uncomfortable position! Congratulations on all the positives of your 2013. Happy new year!

  3. Wow congratulations on the pregnancy! It has been way too long since I caught up on your blog! I'm so happy for you! I'm actually pregnant too - due May 24th, also with a little girl!! God is so good! - Rachel (For the Birds)


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