Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes #91

1. In case you missed it:
2. Now I suppose I have some explaining to do. I'll start with the top three. Feeling fine. 11 weeks. April 24th. :) We're thrilled. We are just over the damn moon to be pregnant and yes it was very much planned. You wouldn't believe how many people ask me that. I think it's because the field I'm in we have to ask that all the time so it's second nature and most people know I use NFP so they wonder.
3. So the next most popular set of questions we've had about this is about how it will interfere with med school. Well worry not my friends, I'm completely done with classes in March (and hopefully early March if I get to pick my schedule the way I'm planning) and won't have anything but graduation in the middle of May until residency starts July 1. That makes for a nice and cozy 10 week maternity leave with a few weeks off before. God has wonderful timing.

4. So really the only interesting (blog-appropriate) story I have from this pregnancy is NFP related (duh!). We had are first ultrasound done when I was 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant to confirm dates. When I told the sonographer my last period she insisted I was only 6 weeks and 3 days. I informed her that my doctor and I came up with this due date based on my NFP charting, ovulation date, and then rambled on about how painstakingly aware of all the minute details of my cycle because I've been charting with NFP for 4 years. She matter of factly responded with "Well you're earlier enough, we'll just see what the baby actually measures." Challenge accepted! In my first bout of maternal pride I heard her say "Wow. Baby actually is measuring 7 weeks and 1 day." YES!!! Way to grow little baby! NFP for the win.

5.  I got my first real pregnancy gift this week (not baby but pregnancy gift) from the oh so sweet Mandi. She had some belly bands that she didn't like the fit of when she had her little Lucia so she offered them to me! I got them this week and tried them on (despite my non baby bump) and NEVER want to take them off. You don't have to button your pants when you wear these. That's actually why they're made. I want one in every color for everyday, pregnant or not! This Thanksgiving if going to be a whole new kind of wonderful! Thanks again Mandi!
She even included the sweetest card!
6. In my one bit of non baby related news: Residency applications are going so well. Ya'll are the best prayer warriors every. I applied to 30 programs. I've heard from 20 of them at this point (with an interview offer from each) and am now at the point whe

re I need to start turning some down. This is a wonderful spot to be in. Our Dean's letter (big letters explaining our performance for all 4 years of medical school) went out this week so I'm hoping the last few get back to me about it by next week. Then interviews start and things get real! I heard the winter is going to be rough which of course will make my traveling schedule a little more difficult (and put my poor driving skills to the test) but whatever it takes to have a job next July!
7.  Friday Funny:

Thanks all the rambling I can do. Head to Jen's for more.


  1. Guess what? I'm pregnant too! My due date is April 15th! So happy for you and I'm so glad the timing has worked out perfectly for you!

  2. Congratulations again! So very exciting to start having the babies. :)

  3. Congratulations again on the pregnancy!
    Congratulations on getting so many residency interview invitations!

  4. Wonderful news! Congratulations!

  5. Those belly bands sound great. Congratulations again :D

  6. Congratulations!! So excited for you!!
    I was introduced to your blog shortly after my husband & I made the decision to go off of our birth control pill in January and begin charting. Admittedly, we started with some trepidation but we offered control of the whole situation up to God. We told Him that even though it might not fit into our "plans" if He saw fit to give us a baby we would welcome him/her gladly.
    It turns out that God did decide to make a new little person and we are now expecting our little boy in February!! Even though we are in the small percentage who get pregnant within the first year of switching to charting, we could not be more happy and couldn't imagine things any differently. :)
    Thank you for this blog and for your commitment to NFP as a medical professional! Without sites like this, my little boy might not exist today.


    PS. I totally agree about the belly bands!! I was so cranky about having to wear maternity clothes but since I actually started wearing them (especially the pants!!) I have to say I don't think I ever want to go back!! Why do we even bother with buttons & zippers when we have elastic?? :)

  7. Congrats! What exciting news!
    Haha, I had a similar story with my last pregnancy- I was pretty certain about the due date because of the pregnancy tests + charting, but my doctor was dismissing "my due date" because it didn't match up with my LMP. I timidly mentioned the background of why I thought that and gave the timeline, and after the ultrasound he said I was right!
    Hope your interviews go well!

  8. Congratulations! I totally understand about the belly bands. I actually got out my maternity jeans because, although most of my regular pants still fit, these are just so comfortable! (They are the under-the-belly kind). Plus, much easier when using the toilet 20 times a day!
    Also congrats w the residency apps!

  9. I'm so excited for you, and that is some freaking awesome timing! Thanks for answering all my questions. ;) I know it gets old to say the same thing over and over, but I still was wondering. And how fantastic to get so much interest! I'll keep praying that you get the best placement for you and your family!

  10. Congrats! Congrats! I'm 12 weeks...and I bet that your baby will arrive before mine, haha! My two have both stayed in 41 weeks to. the. day. :)

  11. If you think you love the belly band now, I'm gonna blow your mind. You can use the in the mid and late pregnancy to cover your belly when shirts creep up and don't provide the coverage you need. Also, use post partum when neither maternity clothes nor regular clothes fit- regular pants, just unbuttoned. And the best-kept secret use is for breast feeding. Girl, they cover your midsection when your shirt is pulled up. Genius!

  12. Congratulations again Katie!! Selfishly, I'm also happy to know that there will be another family med resident along with me, navigating the waters of residency with a baby. Gods timing is always PERFECTION. I'm so glad you r feeling well and now that I have been a mom for 4 whole days I can confidently say it is the BEST. Worth all the terribleness of pregnancy (some ppl think pregnancy is fun - I was NOT one of them). I'll keep your interviews and baby in my prayers.

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  14. My third child was planned by God, not by us. I was 42 and my cycles were somewhat irregular. When I went for my first US,the tech asked me when my last period was and I told her, and also told her I didn't think I was that far along. She asked me how far along I thought I was. I counted as if I made six weeks on the first day of morning sickness (since that was when ms hit with the other two) and she told me I nailed it.

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  15. Congratulations!! What great news :)


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