Friday, September 20, 2013

Why I Suck

I haven't blogged in over a month! I super suck. But I promise I have a reason.


What is ERAS you ask? It is the end all be all of applying to residency programs and the bane of my existence right now. Applications opened on Sunday so for the past month-ish I've been working on filling out all of the information it needs (which includes details on everything I've ever done) and working on my supplemental information for it (Letters of Rec, personal statement, CV, etc).

Why is it such a big deal though? Because of these terrifyingly true facts about the match last year.

Almost 5000 people didn't match! FIVE THOUSAND! I do not want to be one of those people so I have been spending every extra minute I have making sure there are no typos or grammar errors and editing my personal statement up until the minute I submitted it (right, Julie?).

I've been distracted but I wanted to take a minute and reassure you all that I am still alive and relatively healthy, just obsessively preoccupied with my new online boyfriends ERAS and the refresh button on my e-mail to see if I've gotten a new interview invite.

Prayers and alcohol would be appreciated! ;-)


  1. Those statistics are awful! Those poor unmatchies! That won't be you though, I'm certain!

  2. So glad you are okay! I was worried. God bless you with a match.

  3. I figured you're busy with residency applications. I remember those days ~~~ 6 years ago! Crazy. It's been that long.
    Praying here.

  4. Gahhh! I can totally relate. I submitted mine Sunday after checking it over a bazillion times. And applying to two specialties = bad idea.

  5. Yes, but you're forgetting the 26,772 that DID get in. Still, I get it. When I took applied to grad school, and later when I took my boards, everyone assured me that I would be fine. All the while, I'm thinking, "Easy for you to say. You're not making me feel better, because now instead of being disappointed in me, you'll be shocked and disappointed." But I will be praying for you!

  6. That's a great reason to be MIA for a while. I will be praying for God to open and shut the necessary doors for his plan for you. Best of luck!

  7. i used to be a moderator for blogs4God, an online blogging portal that included st. blog's parish. our head person used to tell us that "real life trumps blogging." get things submitted and worked out and we'll keep the fire going for you until you get back.

  8. Uggg. I did not know it was almost 5k. Girl, you KNOW you've got prayers from me! And my editing skills... and all my encouragement!!!


  9. Glad to hear you're ok! (And I'm sure you will be ok in the match, too - hard work pays off!)


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